After the Wedding Q & A :: Bridget & Jordan

Bridget and Jordan were married at St. Mary's Student Parish in Ann Arbor and had their reception at the University of Michigan League. Here's what Bridget and Jordan had to say about their day:

What is your best advice for a bride?: I think the best advice for a bride is to stay true to who she and her soon to be husband are. There are so many things that can become distracting when planning a wedding but as long as you stay true to who you are as couple and how you envision your day then everything will turn out perfectly!

What was your favorite photographic moment?: One of our most favorite photographic moments was taken right outside the League before walking into the reception. We were planning on walking right in but you stopped us and we kissed in front of the fountain. At that very moment a gust of wind came and blew my veil up in the air. It was such a natural photo and turned out so beautiful! I also had no memory of ever taking it so it was such a surprise when we saw it!

Michigan League Wedding

What did you like most about working with Chelsea Brown Photography?: We loved working with you because you put us at ease. You let us be who we were but also directed us in a way that allowed us to create beautiful wedding photos. We didn't worry about a thing on the day of our wedding and hardly even noticed you were there! You were so professional and created amazing, beautiful work!

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

What is your best advice for keeping things on schedule when the day is so busy?: I think it helped a lot to create a very detailed time schedule leading up to the day of the wedding but always reminding myself that it was OK if things didn't follow the exact plan.

Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

More importantly it was helpful to share the time schedule and plans with other people who were a part of our day so they could be the ones watching the clock and moving things along if our schedule got delayed. This allowed me to never have to look at a clock or worry about the schedule because I knew others were helping do that for me!