So, what's this all about?

Crazily, I've been photographing weddings since 2007. It's been a wild ride. I've been so insanely lucky to photograph weddings taking place at Burning Man to a city hall in Paris. I'm so honored to say that I genuinely love what I do.


My Philosophy-
On your wedding day, I'll be your biggest fan. Not only will I document your day as it unfolds, but I'll hold your veil, help you bustle your dress, and generally make sure you and your fiance are having a stress-free day. I will probably remind you to "breathe" and enjoy the day at least once too. Before the wedding day, I'm also happy to help with vendor recommendations, the "Do people still throw the garter?" type questions,  and working with you on a timeline that makes sure you have a time for that pre-ceremony glass of champagne. In my opinion, being involved as a photographer leads to better photographs, and a better experience when being photographed.

Cornman Farms Summer Wedding

My Style-
I'd describe my style as a mix of timeless portraiture and editorial photojournalism. What's that mean? It means I think it's important to have the happy family photos- yep, those posed, smiling, looking at the camera photos. Your grandma probably thinks it's important too, and who wants to disappoint her? Beyond the portraits, the in-between moments are just as important and honestly, they're my favorite. They tell the deeper story of the day, your relationship, and who you are as people.  It's my goal that your wedding images reflect the joy and love you feel on your wedding day. When you open your wedding album 20 years from now, those photos should still give you #allthefeels.

About Me-
My husband and I live in Ann Arbor with the loves of our lives, our two Devon Rex cats (look them up on Instagram- it's worth it). When I'm not chasing after wild bridal parties, we live to travel. We're avid scuba divers, love exploring, and get overly excited when we find a new brewery or speakeasy. We met at the University of Michigan and we stayed in Ann Arbor because it felt too much like home to leave.

All in all, I'm a sucker for couples who are excited to have an incredible time on their wedding day, who value adventure and life experience over things, and who aren't afraid to break tradition.


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