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Until then, here's some additional information on what comes next and some more weddings to swoon over! I've also included some additional ways to stalk me too, if you haven't already. Don't be shy!

what comes after this?! How do we book you?

Good question!

1) In my response, I'll shoot you my pricing and package information. Look it over and let me know if you have any questions.

2) If it all looks good to you, let me know and we'll set up a time to talk details! I love meeting couples before booking (if at all possible) as I think it's easier to go over things in person. However, if you're planning from afar (a lot of couples do!), let's plan on chatting via phone or Skype/Google Hangouts. 

3) After we meet, let me know if you would like to proceed forward with booking and I'll shoot you a copy of the agreement. A $500 deposit and completed agreement reserves the day. After that, we're good to go! Just keep me updated on your plans and if you'd like to do an engagement session. I'm happy to help at anytime with your timeline and any vendor recommendations.

4) A month before the wedding, if we haven't been chatting already about your timeline, we'll plan out a time to meet either in person or via phone. We'll finalize your timeline, your "must have" family photos, and any other little details that I need to know about. Planning a Hamilton themed flash mob? Having a giant Bo Schembechler Mardi Gras puppet come to your reception? PLEASE TELL ME! (and yes, those things have happened!)

5) WAHOO! It's the big day! Don't sweat the little things and remember to enjoy the experience. I'll be there with you to document the day as it unfolds. After everything is done and I head home, I'll go through your images and get rid of the "derp" shots: the blinks, the super unflattering angles, etc. I'll polish the rest and have them to you safe and sound, typically within 4-6 weeks. You'll be able to download them immediately after they're finished! 

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Snuggle up with your cup of coffee (or glass of wine, I'm not judging) and watch slideshows from some kick ass 2017 weddings: 


Haven't had enough? You want more?!

Here are some other weddings and engagement sessions from my blog: 

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