After the Wedding Q & A :: Lauren & Jeremy

Lauren & Jeremy had a lovely intimate wedding on Beaver Island in Northern Michigan. Here is what Lauren and Jeremy had to say about their big day:

What was your favorite photographic moment?: We loved all of our wedding photos but there was one that is, by far, our favorite. Later on into the evening when everyone was dancing Chelsea asked us if we wanted to sneak away for a nighttime picture. She set us up on a hill with the venue above us and the beach below us. It was dark out so I really know how it was going to turn out but the result was absolutely amazing! We were both blown away by Chelsea’s vision!

Beaver Island Wedding

What did you like most about working with Chelsea Brown Photography?: I found Chelsea from searching the internet for local photographers and fell in love with her style. I was so nervous to meet her because taking gorgeous photos is one thing but I also wanted someone who I got along with and could trust. My husband and I really got to know Chelsea when she shot our engagement photos (which I highly recommend! It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other. Also, for my husband who had never been in a wedding party before, it was a wonderful way to get him prepared for a full day of photos at our wedding!) She was so incredibly professional but still fun and relaxed which sealed the deal for us. We actually picked our wedding date based on when she was available because we knew it had to be her.

Ann Arbor Engagement Session

On the day of the wedding Chelsea found the perfect balance of direction and spontaneity. We have some amazing posed pictures of the wedding party as well as great candid photos that I didn't even know she was taking. We also had multiple wedding attendees that commented on how nice and professional Chelsea and her assistant were. I have to say, the thing I liked most about working with Chelsea was by far our amazing pictures. We had high expectations and Chelsea exceeded them!

Beaver Island Wedding

What advice was given to you that helped you get through the day? / How did you tame wedding day nerves?: My answer combines both questions! The best advice that I got that helped tame my nerves all day was actually from my husband!  The morning of the wedding I was anxious about everything going as planned and worried that I forgot something. Right before he left to go get ready with the groomsmen he hugged me and said “Whatever happens today, it’s going to be you and me at the altar getting married and that’s what is important!”  It really helped to put everything in perspective and allowed to me enjoy every minute leading up to the most important one!

Beaver Island Wedding

What is your best advice for keeping things on schedule when the day is so busy?: About a month before the wedding I made a rough schedule of what we would be doing and when for the Big Day. As I finalized plans and spoke to each vendor I made changes and got a better idea of how things would go. I gave everyone involved a copy of the schedule and made sure to give ourselves lots of extra time. I really wanted everyone involved to have a stress free day and not feel rushed.