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After the Wedding Q & A :: Corynn and Trey

Corynn and Trey had an incredibly picturesque wedding on the shores of Lake Michigan. Here's some advice from them concerning planning and the actual wedding day:

What is your best advice for a bride?:  Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming.  If you don't have a wedding planner taking care of every last detail and instead choosing the DIY route that many brides are today, make sure to delegate tasks to people you can trust before the last minute scramble on the day of.  DO NOT be afraid to ask people for help (and then let go of the urge to micromanage).  If it's somebody close to you, chances are they're excited for your wedding and will feel honored that you asked them to be a part of the day.

West Coast Michigan Wedding

It feels very formal, but hold a meeting with friends and family and go over, point by point, exactly what you expect/need from them the day of (and make sure they take notes!).  Most importantly though, choose somebody a couple days before the big day to act as the wedding planner - making sure each detail falls into place.  There are a lot of elements that go into a wedding (music, photographer, favors, caterers, drinks, set ups, decorations, etc) and without somebody overseeing each thing to make sure it gets done (even though you've already delegated tasks), a lot can get forgotten.  Sit down with them the day before the wedding and go over a VERY DETAILED (down to 15 min increments if necessary) schedule of absolutely everything you want to happen.  For me, this was my brother-in-law.  He was great at directing everybody and making sure they were on task but best of all was that anybody who came to me for a last minute question or opinion (which EVERYONE did), I could send them to him because he understood exactly what I wanted. 

West Michigan Wedding

Things will fall through the cracks or not go exactly according to plan but hopefully with so many eyes on it, it won't be anything major and nobody will even take notice.  (I'm sure you've already been told:  don't sweat the small stuff!)

How did you tame wedding day nerves?:  We had very small wedding parties (just 1 sister on either side), but I invited my best friends to be with me in the bridal suite all morning helping me get ready.  I also made sure when we booked the location that the bridal suite would be a very calming and beautiful area with tons of natural light so it really felt like a spa day.  I also (as mentioned above) had somebody taking care of all the last minute details so I didn't have to be dragged into the stress/chaos.  I just focused on getting ready and spending quality time with friends.  A mimosa (or in my case, sangria) can't hurt either!

What was your favorite photographic moment?:  There were really so so many.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful setting or sunset.  The photo that has become our "iconic wedding shot" is the one of us leaning in towards each other on the Adirondack chairs.  


All of the photos from that moment were gorgeous with the sunset peaking through the trees.  I also loved when Trey and I went down on the beach just after sunset and it was just the two of us. 


I really liked the photos that were between poses that you guys captured - the real moments that happen between clicks.  Little looks that you captured between me and Trey.


 There's so much love and such strong emotion that's captured in those pictures.  AND the one of me and my dad walking down the aisle.


I remember feeling so nervous, sad, and happy because of some things he said to me right before we walked and I kept looking up at him for reassurance. (Great, I'm crying now, haha). There are too many pictures to name that I absolutely love and cherish.  

What is your best advice for a groom? (according to Trey): Have a glass of scotch.  A good scotch.  Remember - it's her wedding not yours.  Make sure to have an extra undershirt and dress shirt because you're going to be sweating a lot.  Have an extra 2 plates of everything served set aside for you and the bride because you will eat nothing as long as you're around everybody.  Try to at least say 'hi' to everybody because it will be such a whirlwind, before you know it the night will be over. 

One extra insight: Another thing that we did that I really liked was the first look and then posed family pictures before the ceremony.  There was so much going on as soon as the ceremony was done and I felt an obligation to get out there and be with all the guests so it was nice to have that already out of the way.  The first look is really sweet/special too because it's something that happens just between the bride and groom (and photographer, haha).  And it doesn't in any way take away from the moment during the ceremony where you see each other for the first time.