Eamonn :: Ann Arbor Fashion Photography

Eamonn is SHEI's fashion show assistant. He's done some modeling, but didn't have any decent studio shots. We spent a couple hours in the U of M studio a couple weekends ago, and I still have a ton of photos to go through. It worked out for the both of us because I wanted some dark and moody shots for my portfolio.

New Shots in the Studio :: Ann Arbor Fashion Photography

I spent quite a few hours in the studio last night taking some promotional shots for new SHEI marketing and for the LaLesso Showcase happening on January 29th at Sava's on State Street in Ann Arbor. I haven't had a whole lot of time to edit all of the shots, but this is probably my favorite of the night.

SHEI Promo

Model: Amanda Kern

Make-up and Photo Assistant: Mai Truong